Yale Reunions 2016

An extra large postcard of Yale College - Commons Dining Hall, New Haven, Connecticut, USA. A great addition to my postcard collection of Yale University. Thanks to co-chair of Yale Reunions 2016.

UTC+02:00 - Europe - Cyprus - Sunrise Sunset

Sunset in Cyprus. Thanks to Christina of Russia.

Japan - Kyushu - Sakura-jima, Kagoshima

Sakurajima is an active volcano in Kagoshima, Kyushu, Japan. Thanks to Phoebe of Hong Kong for mailing from Kagoshima, Japan.

India - Tickell's Brown Hornbill

TIckell's Brown Hornbill, Anorrhinus tickell, from Birds of the Himalayas postcard series. A great addition to my postcard collection of hornbills. Thanks to Vinay of India.

USA - Brooklyn Bridge, New York City

Brooklyn Bridge is an iconic bridge for New York City. Thanks to YL who walked across this bridge and send me this postcard from New York City.

USA - Freedom Tower, New York City

Freedom Tower, New York City. Thanks to YL for mailing from NYC. A great addition to my skyscrapper postcard collection.

Edgar Degas - The Rehearsal

Oil on canvas "The Rehearsal" by French Artist - Edgar Degas (1833-1917). Edgar Degas Exhibition at National Art Gallery of Victoria, Australia. Thanks to SM of Australia.

Norfolk Island - Becoming part of New South Wales

Nice postcard from Norfolk Island. Thanks to Jan of Czech Republic who informed that Norfolk Post Office and Philatelic Bureau ceased to exist as Norfolk Island become part of New South Wales as of July 1, 2016. So sad. Australia stamped used and postmarked on July 14, 2016.

Jersey - Corbiere Lighthouse sunset - Year of Monkey

Nice sunset postcard of Corbiere Lighthouse, Jersey with Year of Monkey stamp. Thanks to Paula of UK.

United Kingdom - Lundy Island Lighthouse

Lundy Island lighthouse. A great addition to my postcard collection of lighthouses worldwide. Thanks to Michael of Luxembourg who bought this postcard in Lundy Island and mailed from Luxembourg.

UK - Queen Elizabeth II

H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. Thanks to Doreen of Malaysia.

USA - Georgia - Savannah Forsyth Park Fountain

Forsyth Park Fountain, Savannah, Georgia in USA. Thanks to Van of Virginia, USA.

USA - North Carolina - Bridges in New Bern

New Bern is the second oldest town in North Carolina. Bridges of New Bern. Thanks to Van of Virginia, USA.

Aerogramme - Bangladesh

Aerogramme from Bangladesh with additional postage stamps used. Thanks to Nahar of Bangladesh.

Aerogramme - Saint Vincent and Grenadines

Aerogramme from Saint Vincent and Grenadines with additional Mayreau stamp added. Thanks to Jean-Pierre of France.